I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful, loyal, beautiful animal! She instantly fit into our family, none of us could imagine our lives without her. We come across many people who meet her who all have the same remark, “what an adorable puppy”. I have heard several times from people that say to me that if you could have an ideal dog in your mind as a kid….she is it. Anna and my Lilly girl are best buddies, they go with me everywhere from a car ride to drop my daughter at school in the morning, to my office and work with me all day, and then we go visit family and friends houses so they can play with other dogs. Smart, gentle, kind, loving souls these girls are. Again, thank you so much for the opportunity to love her!
Amber Dobosz Proud Parent of Anna

Benny is a sweetheart and very effectionate. Chuck at CT Goldendoodle was very easy to work with and extremly accommodating. I would recommend CT Goldendoodle and their preicious puppies to anyone.
Erin MarkleinProud Parent of Benny

CT Goldendoodle is amazing to work with, it is like buying a puppy from your next door neighbor. Chuck was always available for my questions and was extremely responsive. Duke has become a great buddy and is an extremely caring and fun Goldendoodle.
Ridge BentleyProud Parent of Duke

Nibbles is the perfect companion, he loves to go on walks with me and cuddle in the house! CT Goldendoodles were fantastic to work with and extremely helpful in making sure that the transition from Kentucky to California was smooth for Nibbles!
Carolyn GrossProud Parent of Nibbles

We couldn't be more pleased with Reggie! Not only is he handsome, but he is also very intelligent. He picks up new tricks everyday. His favorite is shake. He is so well potty trained; we never had a hard time with that. Reggie has also slept great in his crate since night one without a peep. He actually lays in it at will sometimes. We get compliments on him everywhere we take him. One person has even gone as far to call the vet to ask what type of dog was hanging his head out of the car that just drove by him and into the vet parking lot. I really appreciated that you all would let the pups cool off in the baby pools because Reggie does great taking baths. I feel like because he was already accustomed to the water he is so comfortable that he just sits right down in the tub, which makes my life easier because I realize he won't always be "puppy size". He is so loving and laid back. We always find him laying on the air conditioning vents at home. Those are all his favorite spots. Whenever we are sitting down at the table or couch or even getting ready in the bathrooms he lays down right next to our feet. He definitely just likes to be near his people! Thanks for everything. He was the perfect addition to our family!
Brittany & TylerProud Parent of Reggie

We couldn't be happier with CT Goldendoodles. Chuck was easy to work with and so accommodating throughout the entire process. Our puppy, Rosie, was shipped to us in early July. She arrived in great health, with all her paperwork, and has been such a joy! She is absolutely adorable. The breed has such a wonderful temperament as well; she is so loving and easy to train and care for. On top of everything, she doesn't shed at all! I can't say enough great things about the breed and the breeder!
Chris KennedyProud Parent of Rosie

We specialize in F1 Goldendoodles which are a breed of standard poodles and standard golden retrievers. We pride ourselves in the registration of our AKC Registered Poodles and AKC Registered Golden Retrievers.

Our poodles come from a championship blood line.

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