About CT Goldendoodle

Set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the northeastern part of Kentucky, you will find a husband and wife at home, relaxing and playing with their family of Golden Retrievers and Poodles.

Sometimes when you pull up the drive way you will see them all laying in the sun, all scattered around the pool. CT Goldendoodles all began from a husband and wife with two children who had a family pet named Lucky. Lucky passed away a couple of years ago and to fill the empty spot on the couch they purchased a little AKC registered golden retriever puppy.

They loved the charm and intelligence so much of the first golden retriever they purchased they have since purchased two more AKC registered golden retrievers, as well as two AKC registered poodles.

We just recently welcomed another litter of goldendoodle puppies! Check out our puppies page to see all the new baby goldendoodles.

We specialize in F1 Goldendoodles which are a breed of standard poodles and standard golden retrievers. We pride ourselves in the registration of our AKC Registered Poodles and AKC Registered Golden Retrievers.

Our poodles come from a championship blood line.

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